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(logoSmall)Idaho Fall's most attentive and reliable pet sitting is provided by a former Guide Dog for the Blind Trainer who has been trusted by friends, family, and neighbors since 2009. An affectionate adult that you MEET, KNOW and TRUST, we include care for horses, dogs, cats, fish, reptiles and more. Our Dog Obedience successfully rehabilitates breeds of all kinds.

Who & Why

(dogFace)I trained Guide Dogs for the Blind after I had my dog stolen from me. I couldn't face his being gone but still needed dogs in my life. For five years, I trained and graduated German Shepherds, Labradors, and Retrievers. After that, I started my business realizing I wanted to do something that I could put my whole heart in. I have always had dogs in my life (yes, a house is not a home without a dog).

Pet Sitting & More

(rain)Most of my clients initially contact me when they are going out-of-town. Pet Sitting provides stress free care (by keeping their familiar schedule in your home) usually at less cost than boarding. Our benefits start with not having to take them to the Boarding Houses on their schedule, and dragging your pets into the building. We keep your pets stress down to a minimum by keeping them in your home. Our costs are determined by the number of visits and services. So if you have multiple pets, this is a deal!

While you are gone, we will be house sitting also. By coming to your house daily, we can make sure all is safe, bring in the mail, newspaper, take out the garbage, etc. Now, for horses we do provide overnight care, but traditionally, our pet sitting is ½ hour visits.

Dog Obedience

(ingrass)I also provide Dog Obedience Classes and individual counseling. Many of my clients come to me feeling unbalanced with their dogs out of control. This means that many of the dogs in our classes have a threat over their heads of "either she gets socialized or euthanized!". I am VERY PROUD to say that they all live today. We work with ALL breeds: Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, hyperactive puppies and more. We will come to your home to teach your pup and you how to properly open the door without knocking over visitors or whatever problem you might have.

Some of my clients' schedules at INL make it impossible to have the traditional Doggy DayCare (which we help them with). Others use to leave in the morning regretting to leave their dogs for 9 hours before she gets outside again. Those fortunate enough to work in town use to speed home at lunch to make sure their puppy gets a potty break and doesn't destroy another pair of shoes.

This anxiety can be avoided through exercise. Generally all dogs, no matter what breed, need a regular daily exercise and training. Generally they need more than their owners' busy lifestyles can provide. Just like humans, dogs need to maintain an active lifestyle to keep their joints, organs and skin in top condition. But like most people, you don't have the time to walk your dog to ensure she gets enough exercise.

The result is a bored dog. Bored dogs are more prone to behavior issues like chewing (themselves, the furniture or your favorite pair of shoes); anxiety disorders; and even depression. You CAN have an active, calm submissive dog who is happy to see you when you get home.


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